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Classroom learning and on the job training are poles apart. While theory gives you a strong foundation, it doesn’t prepare you for the inventiveness, smartness, and resourcefulness needed on the job. Across the IT segment, one reason why companies hold back on recruiting freshers is their lack of on-the-job experience. Yes, there are several agencies that claim to ready you for performance on the job, but they fall short on meeting their promises.

Companies are increasingly looking for resources that are skilled, dedicated, smart, willing to go the extra mile and capable of taking responsibility for the work assigned to them. Whether you are a designer or a programmer or a project manager, you have the power to be a leader in your field.

Cherrytop is a global entity committed to raising effective leaders at the workplace. We believe that an organization grows only by equipping and developing its employees. As part of our initiative to improve employability in the IT segment, we consider 5 students to be part of our Cherrytop Apprentice Program once every 2 months.

When you step out into the world after completing the Cherrytop Apprentice Program, you will not only be fit for the industry, you will also be groomed to be the best leader you can be. Write and let us know why you should be part of the Cherrytop Apprentice Program. Include your resume as well.